Is Canada going to stop its immigration programs?

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Is Canada going to stop its immigration programs?

Canada is a country where everyone wants to go get and get the PR of this country because of its lenient immigration rules. Canada has very lenient immigration rules and people who are eligible can apply for Canada PR or express entry program.

What the government thinks about immigration programs

The Canadian government is changing its rules to get several skilled immigrants into the country. The Canadian government recently announced that they will welcome the great number of immigrants in 2020 that will boost the economic growth of the country. The number of 340000 is even more than the number of 310000 announces for the year 2018 and 330000 for the year 2020. So, the government of this country is ready to go onboard getting more immigrants to increase the growth of the country. The government is increasing the number of invitations because they want to sustain the output of the country at the same rate rather than its population exiting the workforce due to old age. The Canada government needs laborers to contribute to the labor market because they are losing their work-age population quite fast.

The current growth rate of the country is 3% so the Canadian government needs more immigrants to increase the demand for labor.

The country has accepted more immigrants to express entry program. The express entry program started in 2017. Every year 250000 immigrants moved to Canada to take advantage of the country’s strong economy and progressive immigration system.

Popular immigration routes of immigration programs

The Canadian government has started various immigration programs

Skilled worker category - This is a very popular visa program for people with a high level of skills and experience.

Business immigration category - This program is especially to attract skills business people to Canada.

Provincial nominee programs - This program is helpful for those employers who are having high knowledge and skills and every province has its PNP program.

Since the target has increased it leads to an increase in the number of invitations through an express entry or PNP programs.

Immigration programs work even after 2020

After 2020, the Canadian government still welcomes immigrants since the birth rate of Canada is decreasing and it affects the growth rate of the country. The slow growth rate since 2000 is the main reason why Canada needs more immigrants. It was 10.3 in 2017. In 2000 the population growth rate was 1.1 % which has now decreased to 0.73%. At this growth rate, no country has a high GDP growth rate.

By seeing this rate, the government will have to allow 400000 immigrants every year even after 2020 since it can have a negative impact if the birth rates continue to decrease at this time.

Some positive changes have been noticed in the immigration industry to ensure that Canada wants more immigrants in the country. Now the government is providing greater post-arrival facilities to immigrants. They also provide help for rehabilitation when immigrants come to Canada. These facilities ensure that Canada is not going to stop immigration programs.