Another option to consider to help increase your CRS score

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Another option to consider to help increase your CRS score

As the minimum CRS score required to get permanent residency is rising by each passing day most of the people are losing hope on their dream of moving to Canada. As everyone knows that the number of people in the pool is rising day by day the chances of clearing the cut-off seem to get diminished. As of today, there are 20,412 candidates having a CRS score in the range of 451-500. But the people below this score range are unable to get neither the invitation nor the PNP nomination owing to one reason or the other.

With the competition being so furious everyone is looking for ways to make it through in the next express entry draw. Some are reappearing for their IELTS exams to get more score whilst others are applying as single candidates instead of applying with their spouse to shoot up their score.

Distribution of CRS score of people in the Express Entry pool

In the midst of all these, there is one method that often gets ignored and can help many of the people surge there scores. We will be discussing it in detail.

The most undermined but one of the most effective ways to increase the scores is following the pathway from student visa to PR visa for Canada. So, I am putting forward an option worth considering which is to go for studies in Canada.

You can go for a one year program or a two-year program in Canda.

One of the benefits of the one year program will be that it will be pocket friendly as it will cost you around just CAD 16,000. The other benefit is that if you are not interested in studying then it will be completed soon as some courses are only for 8 months with 4 months of the vacation period in which you can work full time and then another one-year work visa will be available to you.

You can also apply for scholarships or take an education loan if needed.

Also, if you have a good financial background and are willing to upgrade your education then you can also go for a 2-year course that will help you get 3 years of work visa.

Also, while studying you are eligible to work for 20 hours per week.

How is the study visa going to help you in PR

  1. You will get additional points for studying in Canada.
  2. You will get up to 53 bonus points for working in Canada.
  3. If you study in regional areas like Nova scotia or Alberta it is going to help you in PNP nominations.
  4. Studying in provinces in which french is spoken widely will help you to learn the language and give the second official language test which can further increase your scores if you clear the exam with flying colors.
  5. If you work for one year in Canada you are eligible for Canada experience class.

What is Canada experience class

For those who don’t know it is one of the three federal programs and is restricted to individuals who have work experience in Canada. You need at least 1 year of experience to fall under this category which can be full time or an equal amount in part-time. Also please avoid Quebec colleges and universities or at least do not plan to settle in Quebec to be eligible under this category.

If you have been following the latest Canadian express entry draws you might have seen that some of the rounds of invitation are restricted to only Canadian Experience Class candidates.

So, I would strongly recommend you all to consider this option.

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